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公司.jpg  Yuzhou Xingtai filtration equipment Co. Ltd. is a domestic production and separation of professional equipment manufacturers, has more than and 20 years of history, the production of filter. For a long time, I plant done by people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation "business philosophy, constantly absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad from the machinery industry, by the technical staff of our factory, and in support of provincial scientific research and design units, technology innovation, upgrade the product, developed a new generation of high quality filter series and, at a very reasonable price, sincere service, selling all over the country, by domestic and foreign customers praise and praise. In December 30, 2006, I plant through the first by the State Council Information Office network bureau, demonstration unit of Department of market operation division, the international cooperation center of the national development and Reform Commission jointly guide the national certification authority Chinese credit enterprise certification system title, and awarded the Chinese credit mark.

  I plant filter variety, complete specifications, main frame series, filter press 390, 520, 700, 870, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000. Filtration area 0.5M2-500M2. Frame material: high strength polypropylene, glass fiber polypropylene (the temperature of 120 DEG C), cast iron and stainless steel plate, can satisfy various kinds of working environment. The compression method has the manual compression, the jack compression, the mechanical compression, the hydraulic compression, the automatic pressure preservation as well as the advanced computer automatic program control and so on. Filtering the form of the flow, flow and undercurrent, shading can be two-way cross washing. Belt type filter press type 500--2500, the high-tech products, a number of domestic leading technology. Frame materials are carbon steel and stainless steel two, the equipment configuration of the dehydration mechanism, so as to reduce the material before 30%--60% filter with water, with a pneumatic device, the filter with flexible correction, prolong the service life of the filter belt, made of stainless steel, the shaft is made of high quality nylon, excellent corrosion resistance, with large, reasonable structure, light weight, low noise, high degree of automation processing compared with the current domestic similar type, convenient maintenance etc.. In the provincial research institutes and relevant departments of the guidance design support, continuous exploration and improvement, this series of press work more exquisite, more reasonable design, advanced quality is more stable and reliable, more convenient and efficient, is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, coal washing, selection of pharmaceutical, sugar, food, ceramics, starch, dye, paint, papermaking, environmental protection and sewage treatment and other industries, the level of product technology in the leading position in the industry.   

  Xingtai series press has been adopted more than and 20 kinds of industry in China, covering more than and 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the products are exported to Singapore, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Congo (DRC), Africa and other countries and regions. Supporting the more than and 50 environmental engineering company used in many industries, praised by users at home and abroad. I plant is the country's general machinery industry separation equipment, key enterprises and professional manufacturers, is a research, development, manufacture, installation, maintenance and technical services in one of the professional filtration equipment experts. Over the years, attaches great importance to product quality, a good, zero defect management refers to the case, the supremacy of credibility, sincere service, free on-site installation and commissioning, training of technical personnel, long-term tracking service, perfect customer service service system, to ensure that users worry free! We will serve you wholeheartedly! Welcome domestic and foreign customers to negotiate business.