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LZ2H series filter press

Structure characteristics: 1 hydraulic design and structural design of the advanced novel, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, balanced and reliable operation; 2 has the advantages of simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, without dismantling the feed pipe maintenance; 3 early feeding of large flow, low pressure; 4 post crush small flow, high pressure shaft seal; 5 simple reliable operation, no water, no mechanical seal, no leakage; 6 filter feeding without frequency conversion, high transport concentration.



Shaft seal structure

As shown in the diagram, the LZ2H pump seals are made of auxiliary impeller and packing seal, so that it does not leak during operation. Under special working conditions, the water seal or mechanical seal can be installed according to the user's requirements so as to achieve the purpose of no leakage of the pump. Fully meet environmental protection requirements, also known as environmental protection impurity pump.


1. hydraulic design, structural design advanced, novel, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, reliable operation;

2., the structure is simple, easy to assemble and disassemble, not to be disassembled into the material tube during the overhaul;

3. early feed flow, low pressure;

4. late press flow is small, high pressure;

5. axis seal is simple, reliable operation, no water injection, no mechanical seal, no leakage;

6. filter press feeding without frequency conversion speed, high transportation concentration.


LZ2H special pump is a kind of special impurity pump, which is appraised by the provincial level and obtained national patent. By the industry as "filter presses dedicated feed pressure pump."". The pump is composed of side suction slurry, simple packing and sealing wheel to pay leaves when the pump is working without leakage, more important is the function of feed flow and lift curve is very steep, very suitable for frame type filter required.