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Series plate frame pressure type oil filter

Structure characteristics: Frame type filter is a filter plate and a hollow filter frame consists of a frame, the cloth is fixed on the filter plate, the main advantage is the replacement of the filter cloth is convenient, disadvantage is low efficiency, low filtration pressure, easy to form a filter chamber filter plate damage caused by bias. The plate and frame filter press is mainly suitable for filtering material which is not high in concentration and needs to be filtered with fine filter paper. General use of sewage treatment, coal preparation, non-ferrous metal ore processing, etc., do not recommend the use of plate and frame filter press, van filter press should be used.



The pressure oil filter is a movable device made up of filter bed, oil pump and strainer.

The filter bed is a continuous operation, under pressure to the side of the filter filter group is pressed into the dirty oil, which is composed of a complete sequence of alternately arranged filter plate and the filter frame and comprises a manual screw clamping device.

The oil pump and the motor are below the filter bed, and the liquid output by the oil pump is fed into the filter section through the discharge pipe and the thrust plate. In order to avoid excessive pressure or overload caused by mechanical accidents, a safety valve in the pump body, according to the requirements of users can be the safety valve set in the lower values, but not allowed to adjust to the maximum safe pressure exceeds the specified value (Note: the product has been factory safety valve setting pressure for 150% about).

Strainer installed on the suction side of the pump, its role is to prevent the large particle impurities into the oil pump, the internal parts of the gear pump damage, when the twist off bolt strainer cover, to strainer cover, can be directly to the coarse filter out clean, prevent the strainer is full of dirt so, the filter plate frame pressure type oil filter is designed for electric power plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises become the (room), tractor lubricating oil storage station, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, national defense industry and other units used to filter, transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil and other liquid oil in the water and impurities.

Because of the limitation of gear structure, it is not suitable for non lubricating oils such as diesel and kerosene, but special materials can be chosen according to user's requirements and special motors should be used.