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[2017-02-15]Filter press used for a long time will affect the

Assuming the frame filter used for several years, recent results have been good, one day is not much pressure sludge, when it began to pressure a few minutes out of a large amount of water, after only......

[2017-02-15]Little knowledge of Science -- filter press

Filter press is a kind of pressure filter. According to the different filter filter driver, can be divided into three types, namely gravity filter, vacuum filter and pressure filter three. Pressure......

[2017-02-15]The working principle and structure about diaphrag

Organization of diaphragm filter pressDiaphragm filter press is mainly divided into two parts and hydraulic machine. The main engine is thrust plate, pressure plate, filter plate, cylinder, cylinder s......

[2016-11-21]Filter press in the application of technological i

With the development of grain machinery processing scale, efficiency, and its profits have been rising slowly. In the food industry, a high performance filter press, its added value is far more than o......

[2016-11-21]Made a great contribution to the food industry fil

With the improvement of peoples quality of life, the products of various industries are constantly changing, only to better meet the requirements of people. To the serious food industry, has increased......

[2016-11-21]In the construction of the transmission device of

With the continuous development of industrial economy, filter press market demand continues to expand, it is good to promote the development of the market of filter press. The market demand has a stro......