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Little knowledge of Science -- filter press

publish time:2017-2-15 10:17:40 source:兴泰压滤机 hits:35

    Filter press is a kind of pressure filter. According to the different filter filter driver, can be divided into three types, namely gravity filter, vacuum filter and pressure filter three.

    Pressure filter is applied to imported in suspension at pressure or applied to wet material mechanical pressing force, as the filter driver, suitable for use in the requirements, the filtration pressure suspension greatly, it can also be divided into intermittent operation and continuous operation two.

    Tubular filter for intermittent operation and pressure filter, for low concentration suspension filter. The filter is a kind of intermittent operation of the pressure filter, can be divided into frame, box and vertical three, uses a very wide. Oil filter, filter press is equipped with oil pump unit, vacuum evaporator and other accessories.

    The continuous operation of the drum pressure filter and disk pressure filter, pressure filter in sealed shell, and the structure of rotary drum vacuum filter and vacuum disc filter is very similar. However, due to its complex structure, the application is less.

    Commonly used pressure filtration, is the use of the filter chamber volume is reduced or the use of mechanical pressure to filter the filter, the filter has a low moisture content, suitable for high concentration of solid particle suspension. Belt press filter Machine, by gravity or vacuum drying the filter residue after the preliminary solution sandwiched between two filter belts move by roller extrusion dewatering. Screw press filter with cylinder with pore, which has a rotating spiral, spiral groove depth ranging from deep groove is added to the material of shallow groove end, the filter chamber space decreases, the material is squeezed, the filtrate is drained out of the cylinder pore, slag discharged from the small end.

    The use of filter cloth and filter paper, do not need, greatly reduce the cost of filtration. The utility model has the advantages of closed environmental protection operation and no material loss. In addition, vibration due to reduced labor intensity to achieve continuous operation, pneumatic valve discharge, also reduces the amount of labor and labor intensity. In conclusion, the advantages and characteristics of the filter also decided, it is the preferred equipment of filtration industry.