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screw pump

Structure characteristics: 1. It can transport high concentration, high viscosity and suspension slurry containing particles.



Product brief:

Series pump is a single screw type volume rotary pump, the pump uses eccentric single spiral screw in the double screw Bush rotation, so that the thick slurry along the spiral trough from the suction port to the discharge port, to achieve the pump conveying function. The pump is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, paper making, food and other units

Structural material form:

1-1B: shell cast iron, transmission parts for general steel, suitable for general neutral thick slurry transmission.

Type 1-1B: drive spindle, spinning rod and "around the axis) is made of stainless steel, suitable for sour alkali slurry transportation.

1-1BF type: pump shell and contact transmission slurry are made by stainless steel, suitable for conveying the sample, pharmaceutical and corrosive slurry, general rubber bushing wear rubber, rubber and food with oil resistant rubber for the user to choose

Product features:

1. It can transport high concentration, high viscosity and suspension slurry containing particles.

2. The conveying fluid is stable, without excessive flow, pulsation and agitation

3, the elimination of pressure and speed is proportional to, low flow can also keep high discharge pressure

4, Nie flow is proportional to the speed, or high speed motor through the transmission mechanism can achieve flow regulation

5, self-priming ability, without bottom valve can be directly sucked liquid.

6, the pump can be reversed. To change the direction of liquid flow by the optional pump, suitable for pipeline for anti forward flushing occasions

7, smooth operation, vibration and noise.

8. Simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance