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Stainless steel filter

Structure characteristics: This machine is made of SUS304 or SUS16L high quality stainless steel. It is corrosion resistant and durable. The filter plate adopts a thread like structure, and different filter media need to be replaced according to different filter media and production process (primary filtration, semi fine filtration, fine filtration). (the direct selection of microporous filter membrane can achieve the purpose of aseptic filtration). The user can also reduce or increase the number of layers according to the size of the filter so as to be suitable for production. Simultaneously, the filter cloth is provided with no leakage plate and frame filter. When the machine works, pressurized filter, liquid liquid without loss, good clarity, can also be based on user needs special multilevel filtering device, a set of coarse filter, two grade fine filter, which save time and improve the filtering accuracy. This machine all sealing parts adopt silicon rubber sealing ring, high temperature resistant, Wudu, no leakage, good sealing performance. This machine can automatically return device according to the needs of user characteristics, when the pump stops rotating, open the return valve, all sediment discharged automatically (exhaust function), and the use of water from the reflux pipe flushing, very convenient.



Used for solid-liquid separation of various floating fluids. It is widely used in medicine, food, chemical, environmental protection, water treatment, electronics, textile, electroplating and other related majors. Working principle: the use of mercury into the chamber of the filter machine each closed suspension, under pressure, through the filter and filter filtrate or other filter membrane is discharged through the liquid outlet of the filter residue retention form filter cake in the frame, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation