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1, the scope of the provision of technical information: 

 Press the anchor map, assembly diagram, instructions for use, the inspection report, certificate, packing list and other related equipment and all necessary information. 

 2, on the installation and commissioning instructions: 

 The equipment, our company will according to the requirements of users for debugging personnel, pre installation work, assist equipment installation; after installation, our debugging personnel will shift operation, until the equipment can be put into normal use, the official equipment after use, our debugging personnel at least 24 hours until the attendant jobs, the normal use of user satisfaction so far. These are free services. 

 3, technical services: 

 Before our company will be free for customers to do filtering and filter selection test, and provide a full set of technical drawings and installation dimensions for users, and cooperate with the buyer for pipes, pumps and filter placement design; sale of equipment bidding for various users of the answer questions; customer service installation, free user guidance free debugging and free operating personnel training work, ensure that the user equipment can be used normally. 

 4, after-sales service content: 

 Our company has a dedicated customer service service, and build a user profile, make regular visits to the user; the use of my company product users, such as quality problems appear in our company stipulated in the warranty period, after receiving the user request service by phone or fax, regardless of the reason, which respond immediately. For replacement, maintenance of goods or components, rushed to the site of the time not more than 3 calendar days for the user to solve the problem. Sincerely hope that the majority of users of the quality of our company's services to monitor and give valuable advice. 

 The location of the company's users 

 The company has a professional service team, professional training, personnel management, unified deployment, according to the user's location, with the fastest traffic tools to the user site for the user to solve the problem. 

 5, personnel training: 

 Free technical training to the relevant personnel training includes: working principle, filter press equipment construction and maintenance, electrical control principle and equipment operation; training for on-site training, that is our company customer service service personnel during the installation and debugging of user related personnel on-site training to master the related operation and maintenance and maintenance, can skillfully use the equipment of the company, and can deal with all kinds of faults. And can help users prepare equipment operation manual. Training is qualified to the user to check the signature. 

 The above training can be carried out in the following ways: 

 1、 to my company in the field; 

 2、on-site training to the user site; 

 3、can help contact with other industry site learning; 

 6, require the buyer to provide cooperation: 

 Arrive at the designated location in the installation and commissioning of equipment, the buyer should actively cooperate with the Chinese side, to provide the necessary manpower for installation and commissioning and training of personnel, and in the normal use of equipment investment, strictly according to the operating rules for the operation of equipment, in order to ensure the normal operation and the service life of equipment.