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The working principle and structure about diaphrag

publish time:2017-2-15 10:17:19 source:兴泰压滤机 hits:34

Organization of diaphragm filter press

Diaphragm filter press is mainly divided into two parts and hydraulic machine. The main engine is thrust plate, pressure plate, filter plate, cylinder, cylinder seat, beam six parts. The filter plate is arranged between the pressing plate and the thrust plate according to the arrangement order. When the pressing plate to the front, the filter plate will press in the form of a filter chamber.

The first step to work through the membrane filter press filter press on the cloth, to separation filtration, membrane filter press filter cloth for filtering structure and fabric structure, and have to rely on the equipment, can be faster and more efficient filtration, between them is mutual influence, interaction.

Diaphragm filter press with ordinary filter press difference

The main difference with ordinary diaphragm filter press filter press is in the film plate are arranged at both sides of two pieces of elastic membrane, in the process of operation, the high pressure fluid into the diaphragm plate. When the cake fill the filter cavity, and then to stop filtering equipment, filter plate filling material (such as water or gas), then the whole diaphragm will make up pressure on the cake, with the increasing of pressure, the liquid out of the filter cake can pass through the filter cloth and the filter cake from the second dehydration, making the filter cake moisture lower.

Application of membrane filter press in sludge, sewage treatment, moisture content of filter cake has the lowest below 30%, compared with the traditional filter press, filter cake containing solid rate can be increased more than 2 times, cake transportation cost is greatly reduced, the filter cake can be directly into the power plant burning, really will change into a spring sewage sludge resources. Moreover, compared with the traditional filter press, is no longer the composite polypropylene diaphragm filter press filter plate, instead of using a more pure, more flexible plastic material, this material can filter through thousands of repeated extrusion without fracture and deformation.

Diaphragm filter press with surface plane design, unlike the filter press filter plate as internal to depression, but diaphragm filter board surface also need support, is used to increase the friction between the filter plate and the filter cake, cake support. In addition to the filter plate, there is a pipeline for conveying the material filled with the filter plate.

Because the filter needs a strong pressure in the filter, the filter plate is hollow and couldn't bear the pressure so that the arrangement of membrane filter press filter plate, with a hollow plate and frame filter press filter plate and a filter plate of the same solid staggered, so you can make the filter can well withstand the pressure in the first filtration process, and in the two extrusion assume a good point.

The old saying said "know these, know why, Yuzhou Xingtai believes that in the use of diaphragm filter press, also should be" know it can reduce the moisture content of filter cake, it knows how to reduce the filter

Cake moisture content". With the increasing application of membrane filter press is widely used in the enterprise will use the diaphragm filter press at the same time, and to understand the structure and working principle, more handy in the use of equipment will be. Of course, Yuzhou Xingtai will guide enterprises free installation and operation, welcomed the consultation and cooperation.