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What is the role of filter press

publish time:2016-11-21 15:09:28 source:禹州压滤机 hits:13

The said industrial production of a lot of people are unfamiliar, like the name of the very few people familiar with press, industrial product is just the modern industry cannot do without these ancestors, what then press what is the use? What is it for?

Filter press is widely used, mainly used for industrial processing, such as sewage treatment plant or production enterprises have used sucrose filter press, filter press of course use far more than these, as well as metallurgy, mining will be used in filter press filter press products, there are many useful and multiple models, various styles do not press effect the same, as in the work of the role is not the same.

In short press widely used, is a sublimation of new technology products, with the press afterwards, many enterprises in the production and operation is simple, the rest is necessary to filter and filter area is not an idea, just alone filter filtration effect, but the press cannot understand this, filter press the product is more delicate, also some high-end doubling process.