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The development of filtration equipment in China w

publish time:2017-2-15 10:16:35 source:兴泰压滤机 hits:32

At present, high efficiency filter press in China has great breakthrough in skills, in the high-tech industrial production, the use of efficient filter press coverage reached 70%, by some view, the prospects for the development of efficient filter in the domestic market of very considerable, but on a global scale, China press filter equipment there are still certain distance with the international level. Analysis pointed out that the China press machinery manufacturing industry is still in the stage of development, in great demand for food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, military production fields, due to the introduction of foreign skills, still mostly rely on foreign imports.

According to the authoritative global market forecast mechanism provided by McIlvaine company in 2013, "air water, fluid handling control report" analysis, application materials for filtering air separation particles, gas and other aspects of the sales of more than $3 billion 400 million in 2015, the filter market will have unprecedented opportunities for development. The innovative use of nonwovens will play a vital role in today's market where products with higher purity, higher efficiency and lower energy consumption are needed.

Experts believe that the filtering equipment will have a big change in the next five years, major changes in technology, but the size of the market, market demand, integrated management system, mainly in the following aspects:

First, the market demand continues to expand

Due to the development of speed and stamina of chemical industry, textile and pharmaceutical industries continuously, the industry believes that the filtering equipment will continue to maintain the rapid growth of the market in the next five years, the market size will more than double, promising market prospects will enable more enterprises to enter the industry of game, but also to enter the market analysis will be more rational.

Two, professional strengthen

Regardless of the industry, there are always some occupy absolute advantage in a product in the field of enterprise, filtration equipment is no exception, may produce a number of production of a standard system of enterprises in the future such as bag filter, filter, filter press, and the result of market choice will make some small businesses do the common filter, unable to obtain other technology and market opportunities.

Three, enterprises will face integration

Low price to win the market, some enterprises will become increasingly difficult to rely on, such as the high quality of pharmaceutical water requirements will make them fade filter equipment industry, engaged in other industries. In addition some backward technology, small scale enterprises will be eliminated, the overall number of enterprises will remain basically unchanged, new entrants will replace those out of the business, but on the whole this number will show a downward trend.

On the whole, filtration equipment, the whole industry is facing a new round of the golden period of development, in the process of rapid development, there must be a survival of the fittest, this is the market rules of the game, but also the opportunity of enterprise development. The industry must recognize their own shortcomings, timely adjustment of development strategy, innovation management, to keep the vitality of the enterprise.