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Counterfeit: the press will

publish time:2017-2-15 10:16:57 source: hits:33

Now the market to sell a lot of filter press filter press, but there are several quality can be guaranteed? Press many fake has become a universal phenomenon, the people purchase filter is very important, so you buy a filter when only those products boycott fake, ensure the quality of filter press, so you can choose to filter what you need.

If those fake press does not appear in the market, I think it is very difficult to do, why? Because we cannot guarantee that no some people want to sell some fake products in order to reap huge profits, so what we can do is to buy when I press the carefully selected the choice of filter press, resist fake, high quality.

Then press what is good quality?

There are many methods of identification, quality first, we can see the filter chamber filter press is normal, if the said filter chamber sealing material is not good, or is not qualified, it will affect the normal work of the press, so when we buy must pay attention to check carefully. There is to check whether there is leakage of mud pump, under normal circumstances, we are half a month or check once a month, in order to ensure the normal work of the press; in addition, also need to check the equipment start control of these gases also must check, check valve and valve hole whether it is normal, if there is a problem is the failure of the press, is do not buy.

There is a press start, listen to the voice is very noisy, if a slight increase in current, will not be burnt out line, machine parts activities where you rub line or wear.

Of course, want to completely boycott fake press off is not possible, only when we buy carefully, carefully, to purchase high quality filter to machine.