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Filter press filtration step feeding operations

publish time:2016-11-21 14:42:24 source:禹州压滤机 hits:12

There is a prominent role in the industry in the process of using the filtering process, if the feeding speed is also likely to lead to a breakdown of filter press, which is mainly due to the feed speed will be easy to cause clogging of filter press. Therefore, the reasonable control of feeding speed can make the filter press work more smoothly.

In general industry filter production line, filter press in different stages of the feeding speed is not the same, filter press at the beginning of the filter press, filter chamber in the pulp is not too much, the cake thickness is small. Therefore, should be used in packing speed, so that it can ensure the frame filter can get the timely filling, ensure the filter chamber has enough pressure. When the filter press has been running for a period of time, you should slow down the feeding speed, so as to avoid feeding too much, caused by the blockage phenomenon of filter press.

The most outstanding advantage of filter press flexible transmission system is in the filter plate oblique pull case will not affect the cake discharge normally, it will not cause deformation and other structural components, is the transmission system with high reliability. Give full consideration to the day-to-day operation of the frequent replacement of the filter cloth of the basic requirements, innovative design of pressure tube type filter group frame, the replacement of the filter cloth is very convenient. When the filter plate is normally replaced, the hinged steel plate is not needed to be disassembled, and the shielding of the vibrating cross beam is not needed. After moving the flexible wire rope, the filter plate can be easily lifted, and the working conditions are favorable for maintenance.

The new frame filter can not work directly, before formal use also need to go through the necessary procedure of debugging, debugging confirm qualified rear can put into operation. Frame filter before use debugging:

Hydraulic station 1, clean-up inspection of filter press, electric control box, the first clean the inside of the tank, also pay attention to clean, check the power supply filter press equipment and pressing, return pipe is normal. 2, to ensure the correct installation, check the filter press electric contact pressure gauge on the lower limit of pressure setting is in accordance with the requirements.

3, check the power supply wiring, pay attention to waterproof, safe and reasonable layout, avoid equipment in power line work when crushed. The frame, filter plate, piston rod clean, check the filter press filter plate arrangement is neat and correct; then to see the cloth, the cloth is folded to check, if any need to flatten.

4, check the feeding, washing, blowing, liquid pipeline, valve configuration is correct and reasonable.

Filter press must do the debugging work above before being put into use, for the filter press to stop for a period of time, the best to put into use before can debug it, this is an important guarantee for the use of efficiency and safety. Open the filter press all hydraulic valve, water washing, washing machine can blow off valve, inlet valve to open about 1/4, this time to start the feed pump, check the change of filtrate and feed pressure, such as high pressure, need to open the valve on the return line to adjust. Because the cloth capillary effect of filter press, at the beginning of filtration, the filtrate will look somewhat cloudy, this is a normal phenomenon.