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The hydraulic system of filter press in the proces

publish time:2016-11-21 14:50:11 source:禹州压滤机 hits:9

The hydraulic system of filter press, provides a powerful force the entire operation, including extrusion on the filter plate, the push plate drives the car running back, pulling plate, which is to rely on the hydraulic system of filter press provides a powerful impetus to achieve, so the frame filter used in the process the highest frequency of use, and strength is the biggest hydraulic system, it is also the most natural fatigue parts.

Due to the use of inevitable wear, the hydraulic system of filter press every year is very prone to leakage, then you need to repair or replace the O ring, depending on the circumstances of wear. Oil shortage is one of the most common trouble of filter press, the main performance is the pressing work pressure not to press the pressure plate is not tight, causing the main reason for the hydraulic system leakage, oil temperature, oil level is not enough, cylinder seal leakage.

In the long-term high intensity of work will be fatigue, resulting in a number of failures, or even stop running. Excessive work is likely to reduce the operating efficiency of filter press and service life, therefore, users should avoid excessive work machine.

Filter press parts wear or deformation caused by the size and shape change, or due to fatigue caused by technical performance (such as elastic) decreased. Can be measured by measuring tools and instruments and control standards to determine whether to continue to use, or to be repaired or scrapped.

There are two main forms of hydraulic system over work,

First: the whole temperature of the hydraulic system is very high,

Second: the hydraulic system is weak and feeble. How to inject some hydraulic oil or replace hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil temperature will drop down in a high temperature state, ensuring that the temperature of the entire system gradually reduced; when the hydraulic oil temperature is lowered, the piston hydraulic device sealing ring in the temperature returned to normal, so you can restore the function of sealing, prevent the piston and because on oil the weak. </div>

Filter press overwork also in line, when the circuit when the temperature is too high, that is a filter press overload condition, the workload or pressure range are far beyond the tolerance range of the equipment, so the electric energy into the power of the engine to the circuit is more natural, the circuit will overheat. The filter press stop, check what is the cause of the equipment in the overloaded state. In the filter press, the hydraulic system is to provide the pressure for the machine. It can be said that the hydraulic system of the operation of a filter press equipment running in a very important link.